ShooAway Fly Repellent

What Is The ShooAway

This little gadget is such a clever chemical free fly repellent that just keeps going. We have been testing it for about a month now and it is a must have when those flies keep hanging around. We spend a great deal of time cooking and eating outside, whether camping or at home and flies are always a problem. In the past we tried everything from fly nets to fly tape. Now we use this one little gadget that works like a charm to keep the flies away.

How The ShooAway Works

I first laid eyes on the ShooAway in a deli and spent some time watching how it works and remember thinking that if this works it can replace everything else I constantly gather to keep the flies away. Needless to say I bought mine and started trying it out immediately. IT WORKS!!!

The ShooAway unit comes in different colours which is great. It has 2 soft blades that turn and the blades stop whenever you touch it so it is still possible to pass food around without hurting yourself. At the end of each of the 2 blades are silver dots called holographic discs and the reflection disorientates flies.

The blades are powered by a very quiet motor and the unit uses 2 AA batteries, which you insert at the bottom of the unit. We use it all the time and have not replaced the batteries.

Not only do I use it around food in the kitchen or outside, I also use it when I am working or reading. Flies just don’t like it and I love it.

Our Insights

We are sold on our ShooAway.

If you have a big family or like to entertain I would suggest having at least two. One unit covers roughly 1 square meter.

I know you will enjoy your ShooAway as must as we do.

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