Harmful Animals In The Western Cape

So which creature am I likely to encounter during local excursions that can actually harm me?  That is a question many of us have, and is something that prevents would-be nature lovers from getting out there.  This article is written to debunk some common myths, create awareness of the dangerous animals, and what can be done should something go wrong.


Of the 42 snake species present in the Western Cape, there are only six that can cause you harm.

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Tweede Tol – Limietberg Nature Reserve

For me, Bainskloof is synonymous with a cooler box, the smell of coconut sunscreen and a convoy of cars filled with excited kids impatient to start the day exploring the pools and rocks of Bainskloof

It is one of my favourite mountain passes, not just because it is so picturesque, but also because it awakens happy and familiar memories of my childhood. During our stay at Tweede Tol Campsite I experienced a warm feeling of dejavu as I watched all the families and friends still getting together and making those same memories. This is one place that has remained the same through many many years of change in the world….and I liked it.

Our day at the pools. Stunning  video made by my daughter Katharina

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Fynbos Biome

A biome is a large community of plants and animals that occupies a distinct region.

The Fynbos Biome consists of two vegetation types; Fynbos and Renosterveld, and whilst it occurs primarily in the Western Cape, small batches are also found in the Northern and Eastern Cape provinces.

The Fynbos Biome covers a surface area of approximately 85,000km2, making up less than 7% of South Africa’s total land area of 1.2 million km2.  Yet its 8,000 species represent nearly 40% of all floral species in South Africa, making the Fynbos Biome a major biodiversity hotspot of the world.

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Bontebok National Park

Visiting Bontebok National Park was a long overdue trip for us as we have not been back for 26 years. It was a trip down memory lane and we were super excited to explore all that Bontebok National Park has to offer.

    We were expecting change, but did not expect to be completely blown away by all the park has to offer now. All the upgrades and development is a reflection of the commitment to preserve a special place for visitors to enjoy, experience and share in this piece of wilderness. Our first impression, as we entered into the park, was that conservation is the main objective and it is wonderful to experience this commitment.

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Suikerbossie Guest Farm

We were super excited about this weekend away because: 1. We have never been to Suikerbossie Guest Farm before, 2. the farm is in the magnificent Cederberg area that we are extremely fond of and 3. we were joined by one of our children for some long overdue quality time.

Suikerbossie Guest Farm

The farm is situated at the most southern part of the Cederberg between Ceres and Citrusdal.  We drove via Ceres as the road is better with only about 5km of gravel road. The road from Citrusdal to Suikerbossie Guest Farm is not a vehicle friendly gravel road but if you have time to take it slow and you have a 4×4 vehicle, it is worth the drive. The road is extremely scenic and if you can brave the 30km of poor gravel road, it’s worth it.

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