ShooAway Fly Repellent

What Is The ShooAway

This little gadget is such a clever chemical free fly repellent that just keeps going. We have been testing it for about a month now and it is a must have when those flies keep hanging around. We spend a great deal of time cooking and eating outside, whether camping or at home and flies are always a problem. In the past we tried everything from fly nets to fly tape. Now we use this one little gadget that works like a charm to keep the flies away.

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Stoking And Fanning The Braai Fire

What Is A Braai

A Braai, in the South African culture, is the art of cooking meat over hot coals. The word originated from the Dutch word braden (roasting) and evolved into the verb braai. A braai is not just a way of cooking in South Africa, it is a social event that brings people together and it is definitely associated with fun and togetherness. Everybody in South Africa is a braai expert and everyone has their own braai, vegetable side, salad or drink speciality that completes the event. If I can give you a heads up…..never use the word barbeque at a braai.

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