Harmful Animals In The Western Cape

So which creature am I likely to encounter during local excursions that can actually harm me?  That is a question many of us have, and is something that prevents would-be nature lovers from getting out there.  This article is written to debunk some common myths, create awareness of the dangerous animals, and what can be done should something go wrong.


Of the 42 snake species present in the Western Cape, there are only six that can cause you harm.

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Fynbos Biome

A biome is a large community of plants and animals that occupies a distinct region.

The Fynbos Biome consists of two vegetation types; Fynbos and Renosterveld, and whilst it occurs primarily in the Western Cape, small batches are also found in the Northern and Eastern Cape provinces.

The Fynbos Biome covers a surface area of approximately 85,000km2, making up less than 7% of South Africa’s total land area of 1.2 million km2.  Yet its 8,000 species represent nearly 40% of all floral species in South Africa, making the Fynbos Biome a major biodiversity hotspot of the world.

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